Logophile. Yeah, that’s a good word. Writing is something I never stop doing, but I’ve not done enough of lately. I’m getting back to writing what I love though.

I really enjoy writing compelling business-to-business copy that can make the reader feel they must have your product or service. User Reports or Case Studies are great at communicating that message. White papers demonstrate that you really understand the customer’s problem and all the different ways it can be addressed.

I also enjoy writing for the trade and consumer markets. Magazines have always been a favorite and you can see a few samples of some of my published magazine articles here.

I’m a broadcast engineer and father of two who also loves to write. I’ve written a couple of Young Adult novels and I’m in the process of rewriting them since they’ve been sitting a few years without having been submitted. I’m also in the process of turning some life experiences into a novel aimed at an adult audience. Meantime I’m freelancing and still working the day job.

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