The first post on a new blog is always kinda weird to come up with. Really, this isn’t a new blog, but a year ago my web host caused a crash that took out the previous site. The backups they restored were unhelpful because although the data was supposedly in the database, it couldn’t be linked to the site and thus was unusable.

All the writing samples I had uploaded as well as the witty posts and various pages related to why a business should hire a freelance commercial writer were lost and now I’m starting over. It has taken this long to get up the motivation to start over because the previous site took a lot of work and will be a hard act to follow.

The plan with this site is to provide information on how you can use Case Studies (which I prefer to call “Customer Success Stories”) to close new business and promote new sales over the long term with your existing clients. White papers go hand-in-hand but serve a completely different purpose. We’ll examine the differences.

And I’ll answer your questions about using these promotional vehicles in cooperation with your social media to make your company stand out in today’s competitive business environment. Stay tuned!